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  • Recently, Vorwerk has become increasingly aware of accessories offered by third-party suppliers for its Thermomix® food processor. These items are intended to replace or complement original parts and accessories, such as lids, sealing rings, knives, mixing bowls and bases, measuring cups, Varoma® attachments, simmering baskets, butterfly whisks and splash guards. 
  • With this situation in mind, we wish to state the following: we recommend that you exclusively use original Vorwerk products or accessories approved by Vorwerk for your Thermomix® device. 
  • Using our original Vorwerk Thermomix® parts and accessories in conjunction with your Thermomix® food processor ensures that you meet all safety precautions specified by the manufacturer and that your Thermomix® device will function correctly. All of our accessories have been tested thoroughly to ensure you can cook safely and without risk of injury, and to safeguard your Thermomix® device from damage.  
  • Despite our efforts to monitor the market, we are not able to assess – and therefore cannot guarantee – the reliability, safety or suitability of accessories for your Thermomix® device that are not manufactured or approved by Vorwerk. In particular, this means we cannot accept any liability for injuries caused as a result of using these accessories, for food becoming contaminated by untested plastics, or for damage caused to your Thermomix® device.
  • Before using third-party accessories, please therefore be aware that you could invalidate your warranty claims and any product liability claims if damage is caused by accessories not produced by Vorwerk.